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Very fluid, nice contrast of colours, good voice acting... Really enjoyed it! Great job and keep up the good work!

Not bad!

Interesting idea taught through the parable. Loved the reactions of the monks when the teacher asked a question: reminds me of any class I'm in! XD

Here's a review

The only reason I'm giving this a 10 and a 5/5 is because of JonBro's review which must never dissappear.

That aside, this really is an awful Flash. I mean, really REALLY awful. It is so awful, Merriam-Webster is considering using it as the exact definition of the word awful. And horrible. And terrible. Oh, and also shit. I don't even think "shit" appears as a word in their dictionary, but I'm sure they'd include it just so they can use this flash as its definition.

The Mayans predicted that the world would end in 2012. If this is true, then this flash is the White Horse of the Apocalypse, the foremost harbinger of the Last Judgement upon this world and a warning that the end is nigh.

"And God said - 'let there be light' , and there was light. God saw that the light was good". And time passed, and God did unto Earth and Man many things, all of which were good (in their own way). Then garfrield-da-cat said - "let there be this flash", and there it was. And God saw that this was bad. And He wept. And His tears ran down into His butt-crack, and loosened some shit. And this shit fell down from the Heavens and fell on the flash, making it soggy, dirty, and down-right smelly. And it was better. But not that much.

I could perhaps continue on bashing about this flash; using "Your Mama" jokes, Hitler references, not-to-subtle derogatory terms, but I will not. I enjoyed writing this review more than I ever will watching this flash every second for the rest of my life (that being a torture worse than Hell itself: even the Devil has SOME compassion for mankind). No, I end this review simply because: this Flash isn't worth it.

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Very Entertaining!!!

Awesome fun, as I love physics games. Here's mine if anybody want's to try it out. Put "Builder" then copy this code in:

Great stuff, I'm sorry for the ending tho :(!

SPOILER ALERT: Lvls 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, and 18 require one death, the others don't!!

Cheers! 10.

Amazing game!

This is one of my favourite game-series, and I can't wait for part 3. Before I write the actual review, I wanna talk about medals:


Bad Doggy: When you make the bridge appear, cross it, and then run away from the wolf (let him catch you before you leave the bridge screen). You can't have the evil arrow or the bone yet.

Between a Rock and a Hard Rock: Get squished between the two rocks held by the evil spirit that has the old man's face.

Big Brother: Save Gretel (pretty self-explanatory)

Free Bird: Next to the bridge, Hansel seems to be too close to that ledge. How about giving him a little push?

Frosty Impaler: try to get the bone AND the evil arrow (light both lamps).

Got Wood?: Eat two wooden things (with the stickman) or eat the cake.

Gut Busting: Walk on the bear trap.

Here Doggy!: Choose the bone, and throw it to the wolf.

Metal Meal: Have Hansel grab the scissors (scissors icon for the fairy), then tell him to use them (scissors icon again).

Never Hit an Old Man: Do exactly the opposite ;)

Revenge: Hit Hansel until he hits you back.

Saviour: Save the other two kids by choosing (and eating, don't worry, you won't die) the meat options (leg, arm, fish).

Sensory Overload: Get the eye, ear, and mouth on the statues (They are at the three head shrines) hint: hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. Hint2: kill the fawn, evil book at the stickman's kitchen, water the plant by the bridge.

Slayer: Choose the evil arrow and use it to kill the wolf.

Snip Snip: Order Hansel to get the scissors, then make the fairy fly close to the scissors.

Spiked: Walk over the pit next to the fawn, dead tree, and shrine.

SSSSSSURPRISE!: Walk over the swamp without Hansel (self-explanatory).

Swan Dive: Jump into the pond next to the skull-tree.

Weather Master: Solve the weather puzzle. There is one piece missing, you need to use the glasses around the skull-tree and dig where you find the dirt. Open eye with sun makes daytime, crying eye with raincloud makes rain, closed eye with moon makes nighttime.

Where's my Arm?: Pet the bear (self-explanatory).

A Trusty Hat: Get the old man's face and hat back (wait for the rocks to hit before crossing, then use the shovel to pull the evil spirit's head out of the ground).

A Woman's Tears: Get the woman's face back (change the weather to sunny, the flower will open and inside will be the evil spirit).

Til Part 3...: Finish the game (self-explanatory).

Grimm Master 2: Get all the deaths first, then finish the game.

Birdie (SM1): Hit the hand that appears out of a tree.

Liberal Animation (SM4): Hit the hanging rabbit 10 times before killing it.

Sorceress (SM6): Get 1000 points in the head-clicking game.

Your Head Essplode! (SM7): In nighttime, eat some 'shrooms!

Holy Shhhhhh (SM8): Get 5000 points in the head-clicking game.

I am missing 3 secret medals, one I think has to do with the owl at the eye tree, and another with climbing the skull-tree after getting all deaths (I had the evil arrow when I crossed the bridge so accidentaly killed the wolf and didn't get the last death). Any help is appreciated!


As my review title says, amazing game. I loved the first installment, and this one was simply: BETTER. I love the style, the story, the music score, and the puzzles (though I admit I sneak-peeked the walkthrough once). There qre still q few bugs, where things dissapear and then reappear, or no-clip moments (if that term applies here), but considering the work and length of the game, I wouldn't bother too much with those. This game and its prequela actually have me considering writing a short story on it, a sort of creepy version of Hansel and Gretel. It'll all depend on how much time I've got on my hands. Anyways, congratulations on a wonderful second installment, and I'll be waiting for (an even better) third!! 10.

Well, well...

I played Punk-o-matic 2 before the original, so I was quite dissappointed that there was no "Guitar Hero" game play... But that soon melted away as I discovered how great it was to mix my own song (warmly named "To the End and Back"). I wish there were more riffs to choose from, which you fixed in #2 (though too much freedom now...) anyways, loved the animation, the idea, the developpement, the faces of the dudes, the riffs, the anim. short (DOOOOOD)... basically EVERYTHING. So here's my song:

3---775-0---0---0---0---1---1---3---2 ---1---1---3---3----9-780---0---0---0 ----999-9--0---0--69---9---9---9---0-
--9---9---9----ccccb---------92-1-2-4 -2-1-2-4-0---3-2-0---3-5-0---3-2-a---

Enjoy! 10.

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Very, very nice! Melancholic and touching, perfect for a rainy day. Or night. You know... whatever. I like the composition as a whole, and it inspired me to do a voice acting work using a french accent. It's called "La Baguette", here on Newgrounds, and I used your track in the background. I hope you don't mind! Keep up the good work, truly, and hopefully many others will recognize your blatant talent. Bravo!

This is some great stuff! Even though it is a bit repetitive, that's not a real matter tbh. The audio is crisp, the tone is set just right, and I can imagine telling old stories by a camp fire to any adventurer who stays a while and listens. In fact... I have done just that, by using your track as background music. Title is "Fargren the Bold", right here on Newgrounds. I credit your work of course, so I hope you don't mind, and the fact that it inspired me to do that little voice acting piece should make you proud of what you've accomplished, I know if I were someone you cared about I'd tell you how proud I am of you (so I think at least a thank you is in order). Anywho, keep up the amazing work. Congrats on this piece!

Great song Reasoner! I've liked some of your other titles, and this one is no exception! Very motivating, yet soothing at the same time. I took the liberty of using it as a back track for some voice acting I did, posting it here on Newgrounds. I hope you don't mind, this song really fitted the part and as I said, it's a great little melody. Very uplifting! Congrats!

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Great stuff!

The attention to detail is awesome, the idea is interesting, and overall it's a well balanced piece. However, I don't feel the movement of the competition, like they're all standing still in different positions. Sure the smoke trail of the mayor robot gives a hint, but I wouldn't think it's enough. Nonetheless, I can't draw anything 1/10th as good, and I really enjoy this drawing style so.... good job and keep it up! 9.

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